Dokken Respond to Corey Taylor’s Left Testicle Injury


Today in headlines that 2007 Vince (or even 2017 Vince) never thought he’d be writing…

After Corey Taylor proclaimed earlier this week that he “blew out” his left testicle singing Dokken’s high notes — setting the metalnets afire as anything Corey Taylor Thinks™ is wont to do — Dokken have responded in kind to The Only Carbon-Based Lifeform That Matters.

But first! Corey’s girlfriend, Alicia Dove of The Cherry Bombs, has confirmed that Corey’s left nut is doing alright, wink wink:

As for Dokken, they seem tickled by the flattery. Responding on Twitter — let’s assume vocalist and namesake Don Dokken controls the account — Dokken issued Corey’s balls the best of luck:

So, that happened. Does your life feel enriched now that you know?

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