The Mortgage Foreclosure Case Against All That Remains’s Oli Herbert Has Officially Been Withdrawn


Last month we reported that the mortgage foreclosure case against late All That Remains guitarist Oli Herbert had been dismissed by a judge in the State of Connecticut Superior Court. New court records show that the Freedom Mortgage Company has now officially withdrawn its case against Herbert.

A document filed in court yesterday, June 4th (embedded below), shows that John Thomas Szalan, listed at the same address as the Freedom Mortgage Company, filed a motion that “the plaintiff’s action is withdrawn as to all defendants without costs to any party.” Barring any unforeseen circumstances, this should conclude the case against Herbert, against whom the company had been seeking a total of $137,000 including total foreclosure of his home.

We can only speculate on why the case was ultimately withdrawn, but the most likely scenario involves some kind of agreement between the Freedom Mortgage Company and Oli’s widow, Elizabeth Herbert, who still lives in the Stafford Springs, CT home.

Herbert, 44, was found face down in a pond adjacent to his property in October of last year. Police are still investigating the death as “suspicious.

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