Carnifex Post New Song “No Light Shall Save Us” Featuring Arch Enemy’s Alissa White-Gluz


Carnifex are getting set to release their seventh album (sixth in the big leagues), which just plain makes me feel old. I still think of them as deathcore upstarts. Shit… forget feeling old, I am old!

Perhaps my elderly years are also responsible for my less cranky attitude towards Carnifex’s music; I’ve never hated them nor have I loved them… “adequate” is the word I always come back to with regards to their execution. I continue to feel that way about roughly the first half of their new single, “No Light Shall Save Us,” which finds the band dabbling in the blackened death metal sphere popularized by Behemoth (with some deathcore flair, naturally). But things take a left turn about three minutes into the track with a tasty guitar solo followed by a guest appearance from Arch Enemy’s Alissa White-Gluz, whose vocals carry the rest of the song through a pensive, quiet re-charge and into an explosive, cathartic coda. If Carnifex’s new album is filled with this kind of exploration throughout, I might could be into it!

World War X comes out on August 2nd.

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