VV Important Slipknot Mask News: Tom Savini Responds to the Corey Taylor Backlash


A lot of Maggots don’t like Corey Taylor’s new Slipknot mask, likely because it’s lame. You know I’d rather pass five kidney stones than question Supreme Chancellor Taylor, but… dude, I’m sorry, it’s lame. It just is. Doubly so when you consider that Taylor hired Tom frickin’ Savini to make it. TOM FRICKIN’ SAVINI!!! The dude is a make-up legend! Day of the DeadFriday the 13thBloodsucking Pharaohs in Pittsburgh! Okay that last one is honestly news to me, but regardless, Savini comes with significant expectations. The mask we got is like the equivalent of putting Jeff Loomis in Korn. It seems tragically below his capabilities as an artist.

Little wonder that it has already inspired a wave of fan memes, the most popular of which is this one:

In fact, this particular image has become so popular that Savini himself responded to it in a new interview with Revolver:

“[T]he mask has gone crazy! There was a lot of negative response, initially. I just got a copy of Kerrang! with Corey talking about the man behind the mask — about me — in that magazine, but the fans were like, ‘Savini? Oh shit, my sister could have done better than that.’ Someone even fastened a milk carton to their face and posted a side-by-side and said, ‘Nailed it!’ Regardless, the mask looks excellent.”

Shifting hands, Savini then stopped patting himself on the back for a moment while he massaged Corey:

“You know, he puts the makeup on underneath it, the hood, everything. It’s a nice mask, but he sells it. He’s the one who makes it look the way it looks.”

So you’re saying it’s all Corey’s fault that the mask sucks? Oh, Tom, how could you?

[via Metal Injection]

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