The Internet is PISSED About Corey Taylor’s New Slipknot Mask


If there’s anything we’ve learned about Slipknot over our many years of covering the band, it’s that fans care a whoooooooole lot about the band’s masks. Heavily anticipate new designs, obsess over them, pore over every detail. Sometimes I think folks care more about the masks than the actual music.

Case in point: while some folks engaged in last week’s poll gauging Slipknot fans’ thoughts on the band’s latest single “Unsainted,” have you SEEN what folks are saying about Corey Taylor’s new mask? Corey’s latest face-garb, along with the rest of the band’s, made its debut weeks ago… but I suppose these feelings are coming to the surface now since we’re seeing the masks in action for the first at the start of the band’s summer tour.

Speaking of feelings, WOOF, people are extremely fucking pissed about the on-stage fashion choice of someone they’ve never met! Here’s just a sample:

Some fans, naturally, have come to Corey’s defense, attempting to be the voice of reason or simply professing their support for Corey’s artistic free will:

And, naturally, being the swell, internet-savvy and fan-friendly fella he is, Corey himself has been taking the criticisms in stride, even having fun with it:

The Internet is PISSED About Corey Taylor’s New Slipknot Mask

The moral of this story is that if you’re Corey Taylor you always win. Don’t even try and mess.

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