Gatecreeper Debut New Song “Anxiety”

  • Axl Rosenberg

Anxiety: I suffer from it, and you probably suffer from it, ’cause it seems like everyone I know suffers from it. Which you’d think might make us feel less anxious, but, of course, that’s not how anxiety works.

Will Gatecreeper’s new song, “Anxiety,” put you at ease? Not likely! Will it give anxiety to square normies who hear it? Absolutely! Will that make you feel better? We just established that it will not! Will it ensure, however, that aforementioned square normies stay the fuck away from you and never knock on your door to ask to borrow some sugar or whatever? Definitely! That Russian ship would have not gotten anywhere near the USS Chancellorsville if they’d heard this cranking from the deck.

Listen to Gatecreeper’s “Anxiety,” which was just released as part of the Adult Swim Singles series, below. Then, I dunno, go pop an Ativan or whatever.

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