Mikkey Dee Designed a Lawn Mower Based on Motörhead’s Orgasmatron Cover and It’s so Badass It Makes Me Wish I Had a Lawn


So a company called Briggs & Stratton recently enlisted ex-Motörhead/current Scorpions drummer Mikkey Dee to help them design a super-duper-special lawn mower for charity and Mikkey decided he wanted the mower (möwer?) to look like the locomotive from the cover of 1986’s Orgmastron and holy fuck do I ever wanna drive this thing:

The fact that this motherfucker can mow lawns is almost incident as far as I’m concerned. I just wanna ride around town in it cranking Orgasmatron for a few hours. I’ll cut grass, smoke grass, give the grass a fucking massage, whatever. Watching the below videos about the design of the mower only makes it all the more impressive — fucking thing has a bottle opener and everything.

Okay okay okay, new idea: we remake The Straight Story, only the dude is riding this thing instead of his John Deere. Whadda ya think?

[via Classic Rock]

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