Facebook Lifts Ban on Led Zeppelin’s Houses of the Holy Artwork

  • Axl Rosenberg

So, hey, remember how earlier this week we learned that Facebook was yanking down posts and pages featuring Led Zeppelin’s iconic Houses of the Holy artwork because it has butt cracks on it? And remember how at the time we were all, “this could be easily fixed if someone in the right position at the company were to be made aware of the situation. Hopefully it will get enough media attention that this will happen”?

Yeah well that is exactly what did happen, Ultimate Classic Rock reports:

“‘As our community standards explain, we don’t allow nude images of children on Facebook,’ a spokesperson for the company told UCR. ‘But we know this a culturally significant image. Therefore, we’re restoring the posts we removed.’

“In the coming days, the social-media giant will adjust its review mechanisms to permit sharing of this cover by all users. Facebook also plans to allow similar content on a case-by-case basis that might otherwise violate their standards if it is deemed newsworthy, significant or important to the public interest.”

Kudos to Facebook for doing something right for a change. Hopefully it’s the start of a trend.

Let’s all celebrate with one of the greatest records ever made, shall we?

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