“Cryptoubiquity”: Wormed Release Brutal, and Brutally Confusing, New Song

  • Axl Rosenberg

Wormed — or, as they’re known here in Brooklyn, ‘Woimed’ — have released a new song called “Cryptoubiquity” via the below lyric video.

Okay so first: the music is more brutal than trying to make your grandmother understand what a meme is. That’s par for the course for Woimed; we expect nothing less of them.

Second of all, because the song was released via a lyric video, I paid much closer attention to the lyrics than I normally would in a Woimed song, and guys… this shit… is… CONFUSING!

The general theme seems to be… like… I dunno… science and stuff? It contains a lot of cool-sounding words that don’t really mean much. Like, this is an actual stanza from the song:

Everything deleted from his point
Integrated in computing
Ease torque
Third orbs
Embrace of my prototrophs

While I’m grateful to Woimed for teaching me what a prototroph is, I had to laugh at all the bellowing of random phrases. I know this band is obsessed with all things intergalactic, but they must have truly been in a spacey place when they concocted these lyrics. It’s like death metal’s answer to slam poetry!

BRUTAL fucking song, though.

Check it out below. Woimed’s new EP, Metaportal, comes out July 19th.


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