Rob Affuso Accepts Sebastian Bach’s Skid Row Reunion Invitation, Surprising No One


If any member of the original Skid Row was gonna accept Sebastian Bach’s open invitation to appear on his upcoming Skid Row anniversary tour, it was gonna be Rob Affuso. Technically speaking, the drummer has already reunited with Baz, at least twice: once in 2011, and once in 2016. So the fact that Affuso has announced plans to take Bach up on his offer isn’t exactly shocking news.

What we do not currently know is which show or shows will include Affuso, although there’s a rumor he’s gonna be at the NYC show on September 25. We also don’t know how many songs he’ll actually play; Bach is performing Skid Row in its entirety, and Affuso played drums on that record, but I can’t imagine he’ll remain on the stage for all eleven songs.

Meanwhile, we know for sure that guitarist Dave “Snake” Sabo will not be making a cameo on the tour. And nobody should hold their breath for Scotti Hill or Rachel Bolan.

Dates for the trek can be found here.

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