Liquid Death Water Made a Death Metal Song Out of TV News Clips


Liquid Death, the canned (never bottled!) water company that uses bold metal imagery on its packaging, has been everywhere you look lately: I’ve seen a handful of high-profile bands repping it on social media, and the company has done a fantastic job with branding. No surprise given the company’s founder, Mike Cessario, used to be in hardcore and metal bands, and has a background in marketing. Liquid Death has raised $2.25 million in funding thus far and has some A-list investors on board. With gruesome, animated advertisements, the slogan “murder your thirst” and a message that preaches environmental sustainability, the brand has been a hit so far.

For their latest stunt, Liquid Death has clipped together a series of TV news clip features on the water — mostly consisting of old farts expressing surprise/outrage at the very metal imagery, naturally — and created a death metal song out of them using some clever audio and visual manipulation. Way to use the brand’s marketing to beget even more marketing, as I’ve seen this shared all over my social media the past few days. Nicely done, Liquid Death, very nicely done.

Liquid Death is only available online (currently at Amazon) in 12-packs of tall boy cans.

[via Metal Injection]

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