Voivod Will Perform with a Brass Quintet at Montréal International Jazz Festival


I am all for horn sections in metal. There’s just something about introducing a little brass instrumentation into the mix that makes the whole thing feel more grandiose. They add some sonic flavor and they class shit the fuck up.

So I was stoked to hear that not only will Voivod will be performing at this year’s Montréal International Jazz Festival, but they’ll be joined by a brass quintet for a special rendition of the song “The End Of Dormancy,” from last year’s The Wake. The arrangement, which can be previewed in the below video, was written by Voivod guitarist Dan “Chewy” Mongrain (also of Martyr fame).

As to why the heck Voivod got booked for this prestigious, decidedly not-metal festival in the first place, uh… I dunno! Voivod’s music is impressively technical, and they’re Quebec locals, so I assume it has something to do with those two factors. Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth.

The Montréal International Jazz Festival began today. Voivod’s performance is this Sunday, June 30 at Club Soda. Get tickets here.

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