Babymetal: Mystery of the New Third Member Solved


Have Babymetal permanently replaced Yuimetal? It’s certainly appeared that way in the past few weeks, with remaining members Su-metal and Moametal performing alongside Riho Sayashi, member of the Japanese pop group Morning Musume, twice in June: first at the Yokohama Arena in Japan, and then, just this past weekend, at the Glastonbury festival.

Now we have an answer this very question! And that answer is… kinda? Yes and no?

According to homicidols.com, the group actually performed two nights at Yokohama Arena, with Sayashi joining the fold the first night and the first night only. On the second night, that spot was filled by Fujihira Kano, who is from another Japanese pop group, Sakura Gakuin (in which the previous/existing Babymetal members also got their start). And that’s not all: according to a message played on the show’s video monitors, there will be a third replacement for Yuimetal in the mix at some point:

“And to support SU-METAL and MOAMETAL

“Three brave avengers were summoned by the FOX GOD.

“Today, one out of these three CHOSEN DANCERS will be selected.

“But who will be summoned is something only the FOX GOD knows.”

Of course, we do not know the identity of this third “avenger,” but it seems safe to assume she’s from a Japanese pop group.

How this will work with the whole Babymetal mythos moving forward is anyone’s guess.

While we wait to find out… Babymetal’s new album, Metal Galaxy, will be out October 11, and can be pre-ordered here. Get their upcoming U.S. tour dates with Avatar here. Stream the new single “Pa Pa Ya!” below.

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