Refused Release New Song “Chippin’ In”


So last month was E3, which is this huge convention/expo/whatever for the video game industry, and one of the games previewed that seemed to get everyone all hot n’ bothered was Cyberpunk 2077, partially because it features the man of the hour, Mr. Keanu Reeves, and partially because the trailer concluded with a brief snippet of a new Refused song, “Chippin’ In.”

Well, look-ee look-ee, Refused have now debuted the entire song — although not under their own name. Apparently, they’ve supplied music for the “band” in the game, Samurai.

Says the band:

“We’re incredibly excited to reveal the first taste of our collaboration with our new friends in CD PROJEKT RED for their upcoming game Cyberpunk 2077. It was a pleasure working with them to create the songs for the band Samurai and we can’t wait for you to hear what else we worked on with them.

“As for new Refused… who knows, maybe that is coming sooner than you think!”

As for the song itself, part of me thinks it’s rad, part of me thinks it sounds oddly Buckcherry-ish, and all of me wonders if it matters or not since this is technically Refused pretending to be a different group. As usual, I am probably overthinking it.

Listen to “Chippin’ In” for yourself below and see whatcha think. Cyberpunk 2077 comes out April 16, 2020, so, uh, you have some time to prepare for its arrival.

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