You Must Listen to the New EP from Mind Power (Ex-A Life Once Lost)

  • Axl Rosenberg

If you’ve missed A Life Once Lost as much as I have, you are definitely gonna wanna check out Mind Power. The band is fronted Robert Meadows, who was, of course, the vocalist for the sadly defunct djent pioneers*. But even if Meadows wasn’t part of their group, their sound would be reminiscent of ALOL in the best possible way: chunky, groovy, sputtering, staccato, and percussive, it’s the kind of music that makes headbobbing, if not full-on headbanging, all but involuntary.

The group — which also includes Ligeia bassist Brandon Whipple and members of Dead End Path and Bring the Heat — has released a killer EP each and every quarter of 2019 thus far, with the third one, naturally entitled Q3, set to drop this Wednesday, July 3… but you can, and should, stream the entire thing right now. Featuring guest appearances from Norma Jean vocalist Cory Brandan and longtime ALOL guitarist Robert Carpenter, this EP slaps so hard it’ll leave a goddamn hand mark on your ass for a month.

Check out Q3 below. You can buy it on Mind Power’s Bandcamp page, where you can also check out Q1 and 2, each of which are just as good as Q3. If it all incentivizes you to give ’em a listen, Q1 includes appearances by Darkest Hour’s John Henry and Most Precious Blood’s Rob Fusco. But you shouldn’t need much incentive after listening to Q3. This thing fuckin’ rules.

Blast it:

*Yeah, I said it — A Life Once Lost were mainlining Meshuggah before anyone save for, y’know, Meshuggah. Don’t @ me.

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