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Tau Cross’s Rob Miller Issues New Statement Doubling Down on Conspiracy Theory and Misogynist Rhetoric


Tau Cross’s Rob Miller has continued to out himself as a conspiracy theorist harboring hateful, racist and misogynist views in a new statement he issued just hours ago. He also fired two members of the band while claiming the others are free to leave of their own accord, which he surmises they likely will before offering there is “a welcome place here for anyone brave enough to stay.”

Earlier this week, it came to light that Miller (also ex-Amebix) thanked noted Holocaust denier Gerard Menuhin in the liner notes of Tau Cross’s upcoming album, reportedly for being a major influence on his lyrics, prompting Relapse Records to drop the band despite a planned album release just one month away. The other members of the band issued a collective statement distancing themselves from Miller’s views, after which Miller released another completely full-of-shit missive in which he elaborated on his views that the Holocaust and 9/11 are conspiracies perpetuated by the media, among other claims.

In his latest statement, Miller alleges that he is one among very few enlightened beings who are capable of seeing the world as it really is, calling on the usual far-right whipping posts of the media, virtue signaling, censorship and free speech. In a new misogynist twist, he calls into the question the idea of “the patriarchy,” suggesting those fighting for women’s rights are painting themselves as “victims” and “rebels” despite being “nice kids from nice homes trying to fight against evil mummy and daddy.”

A section of Miller’s latest diatribe is aimed at his former bandmates. He claims to have “made a decision” with regards to the future of Tau Cross — as if that decision is his to make at this point! — releasing Michael “Away” Langevin and Andy Lefton of their duties while saying “the remaining members are free to leave of their own accord” (guitarist Jon Misery and bassist Tom Radio). For starters, it’s ludicrous that at this point Miller thinks it’s his decision to make as to who stays and who goes, but it’s interesting that he doesn’t mention Misery or Radio by name after sharing some very pointed and unkind words about Langevin and Lefton.

You can read the entire statement below, which was posted on Tau Cross’s official Facebook page. That page was taken down on Wednesday when the shit first hit the fan and is now down once again; either folks reported it immediately after it came back online or Miller had initially taken it down of his own accord and then activated it briefly today just for the purpose of posting a new statement.

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