Uncle Chuck Wants YOU to Crowdfund New Horror Flick Death Metal


Back in 2017, we gave everyone a chance to star in a horror flick called Death Metal. Today, you’ll be happy to hear that the film is now ready for your eyeballs to feast upon… almost.

For those that missed the film’s genesis, here is an overview:

“Death Metal is an independent feature-length horror movie about a band that inadvertently records an album so evil that anyone who hears it — including themselves — falls under a deadly curse. The film is shot, we have a cut together. Now we need completion financing so we can finish post-production: f/x, audio, color correction, etc.

“This film is very much a labor of love for all concerned. It’s very much in the tradition of gory, practical-effects driven independent horror like the original Evil Dead. And of course, it’s a movie called Death Metal, so it’s also an homage to this wonderful music.”

Sounds like an especially brutal live action version of Metalocalypse and my body is ready. Satan knows we have enough generic horror movies making it to the big screen these days. Writer and director Michael Kuciak has created an IndieGogo campaign to gather the funds necessary to release the movie, so it’s time to take out your wallets and donate in the name of Death Metal… but also death metal!

Cool perks are available to backers such as having your name featured in the credits, exclusive invites to screenings, being among the first to grab a Blu-ray copy, or a special cast-and-crew shirt.

Click here to donate and if you’re broke or still living in your mother’s basement then you can lend a hand by giving them a shout-out on social media.

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