Orange Goblin Frontman Dislocated a Fan’s Shoulder with Massive High-Five


Meeting your musical heroes often comes with a price. At the very minimum, the price of a ticket to get in. Sometimes a few scrapes and bruises from the pit. And likely a whole bunch of time waiting for the band to emerge at the merch table or behind the venue for load out after the show.

For one Orange Goblin fan, that price was a dislocated shoulder. The reward? An absolutely massive high-five from the band’s frontman, Ben Ward, who slapped the fan’s hand so hard his entire shoulder became dislodged.

Orange Goblin shared a photo of the fan on Facebook, revealed only by his first name, Daniel, along with a first-hand account of the incident from Daniel himself:

“This is Daniel. Daniel had never seen us before and decided to check us out last weekend at Ramblin Man festival. You may notice he’s strapped up, this is what happened in his own words…..

“‘I was in the pit and head banging in the front row and it was awesome as fuck. Then, the big bastard of a frontman come up and was high fiving everyone. Me, in my shirtless glory and frenzy stuck ouy my arm for a high five. Well, the frontman winds up, cracks the most collosal high five I’ve every felt, and dislocates my shoulder! I have done it before, but fuck me there was some venom in that!’

“Anyway, get well soon Daniel, sorry Ben broke you a little bit and glad you enjoyed your first OG experience (‘the paramedics and nurse were hot, I got given a shit ton of drugs and I didn’t want to see Foreigner anyway’)

“Check out our gig listings and come and see for yourself although you may want to keep your hands in your pocket if Ben offers you a high five…


We’re sorry Mr. Daniel had to experience the agony of a dislocated limb, but hopefully Orange Goblin’s public share makes it somewhat worthwhile. And at least he doesn’t live in the stupid U.S. where such an injury would mean both pain and a steep medical bill. Single payer, anyone?

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