Watch Trivium’s Matt Heafy Perform an Acoustic Cover of the New Slipknot Song “Solway Firth”


Slipknot’s bodacious new single, “Solway Firth,” ain’t exactly a ballad. Some metal songs, you hear them and it’s like, “Okay, I see how that could be translated into an acoustic track.” But “Solway Firth” is not one of those songs.

So when Trivium’s Matt Heafy decided to fulfill a fan’s request and add “Solway Firth” to his repertoire of acoustic covers, he was actually setting himself quite a challenge. And honestly, if you’d played this for me and asked me what it was, I wouldn’t have recognized anything about it save for Heafy’s voice.

But it’s also quite good! And it makes me wonder what Heafy could do with other Slipknot songs that don’t lend themselves easily to these sorts of reinterpretations. Can you imagine “People = Shit” being – gulp – melodic?

Check out Trivium’s Matt Heafy’s Slipknot’s “Solway Firth” below. Heafy previously covered the other single from the album, “Unsainted,” back in May. Maybe someday we’ll get a Heafy Plays Slipknot acoustic covers album.

[via Kerrang!]

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