Chris Adler’s Megadeth Drum Kit Was Lost in the Betraying the Martyrs’ Van Fire

  • Axl Rosenberg

Poor Chris Adler is not exactly having a stellar month. Last week, it was announced that the acclaimed drummer has parted ways with Lamb of God, which was a real kick in the nards for us LoG fans. And as if that wasn’t bad enough, now we’re learning that he recently lost the drum kit he used to record his parts on Megadeth’s Dystopia.

The revelation was made by Aaron Matts, vocalist of Betraying the Martyrs, in a new interview with the Talk Toomey podcast. BtM, you may recall, suffered a horrific van fire less than a week before the Adler/LoG split was announced, and while the band and their crew all thankfully managed to escape unscathed, their equipment and personal belongings were completely destroyed.

That included one of Adler’s prized kits, which he’d lent to the band in his capacity as their manager (via his Kintsugi Management), says Matts:

“The drum kit that we were using was acutally Chris Adler’s drum kit that was used to record on Megadeth’s album.”

When asked about the ensuing phone call to inform Adler of the loss, Matt said:

“‘Yeah, listen, Chris, you know that really awesome drum kit that you gave us to do the tour? Yeah well it’s gone now.’ I didn’t [make that call]. I was like, ‘Shotgun not me.’”

Tuh-riffic. But I’m sure the drum kit that Shawn Drover used to record his parts for Super Collider is alive and well. There is simply no justice in the world.

Listen to the entire podcast below.

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