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Slipknot Have 15 Extra Songs That Didn’t Make it Onto New Album


Some bands write an album’s worth of material, pore over it endlessly, and when it’s done, it’s done, and that’s the final album. Others crank out a whole bunch of songs and then whittle down the favorites for inclusion on the final product. Every band’s writing process is a bit different.

Count Slipknot in the “crank it all out and decide later” camp, as M. Shawn Crahan, colloquially known as Clown, told Kerrang! in a new interview that the band has 15 finished songs (seven or eight of which are fully recorded) that didn’t make it onto We Are Not Your Kind.

Clown being Clown, the percussionist’s quotes are completely whackadoo but insanely fun to read:

“Did we know that this was going to be the album? No. No-one knows. There’s another 15 songs that didn’t make the cut – there’s at least seven or eight songs that are recorded, with vocals, that did not make this album. There’s so much material, but all that material whittled this down to its anomaly, and to its presentation.”

We were with you right up until the end there, guy!

When asked about the eventual fate of the unreleased songs, Clown’s response is not only way out there but doesn’t even answer the question:

“Usually you take your collection of records, and you make an album. So we have a bunch of records, and we have to basically decide which ones of those records can make up a thought process known as We Are Not Your Kind.”

In other words… yeah, who the fuck knows, maybe these songs will see the light of day at some point on a rarities release or as B-sides in Japan. We can only guess.

Meanwhile, we’ve yet to even hear most of the songs that did make the cut onto We Are Not Your Kind, which comes out on August 9th, a week and a half from now. So close! Listen to the band’s latest single, “Solway Firth,” below, and catch them on tour in North America now.

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