Gatecreeper Share First Single From Upcoming Album, “Boiled Over”


While Arizona deathlords Gatecreeper have been fairly busy in the studio lately and have kept us satisfied with fresh new tunes, they haven’t hit us with a full-length in three whole years, so it’s due time that we get a fresh pile of songs from ’em. Thankfully, they’ve just shared a ripper of a track from their upcoming album, Deserted.

“Boiled Over” does exactly what Gatecreeper do best: chunky, groove-filled OSDM worship, with modestly divine shredding that says, “Hey, I swear I’m not a show off, but this is gonna sound super sweet right here.” It’ll rip you to pieces and rearrange you in all the wrong ways.

Take a moment to slip into your Gatecreeper sweatpants, get cozy, and let “Boiled Over” spill into your earholes. Deserted will be out October 4th on Relapse — when you’re done, make your way to pre-order land over here.

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