This Guy is Learning and Recording Slipknot’s Entire New Album in 24 Hours


YouTuber Nik Nocturnal, who, like all of us, is just hearing Slipknot’s new album for the first time today, is embarking on a most noble extremely silly but fun endeavor: he’s attempting to learn the entire album and record covers of every song in just 24 hours. And he’s live-streaming the whole endeavor right now!

Slipknot’s music is just simple enough that the task seems achievable but difficult enough that it’s not a sure thing. Several folks commenting on the stream seem to think Nik is gonna finish in less time than he’s allotted based on his current pace, but once mental fatigue starts to set in I’m sure it’ll be slower going. If he’s making good progress later today, I wonder if he’ll lie down for a quick nap on that bed in the background there? I just heard him answer a fan question with, “Am I tired yet? Fuck, I’m destroyed. But I just gotta keep going.”

Absolutely brilliant marketing stunt. Wonder how many new subs he’ll pick up today? As of this post, he’s at 143k.

Watch the stream below. Nik has been uploading individual cover videos of each song as he finishes them; find those on his channel.

Thanks to friend o’ MetalSucks Brad Z. for sending this in!

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