Find Your Next Favorite Metal Band on SoundCloud


SoundCloud is generally associated with unsigned rappers and indie music. The term “SoundCloud rapper” is sometimes used as a pejorative, but many of the rappers who built a following on the platform have signed major deals. Lil Nas X was a SoundCloud rapper before “Old Town Road” led to his unprecedented success.

But is there any good metal on SoundCloud? There are many unsigned metal bands trying to garner fandoms there, but is it possible to find any true gems? There is plenty of metal to listen to on other streaming platforms, so we totally get it if you don’t want to waste your energy.

However, there are good reasons to use SoundCloud to find your next favorite metal band. You can use SoundCloud anywhere with a VPN. So if you’re in a country with strong censorship, or certain bands don’t have distribution rights there, use a VPN to get access.

Here are the reasons you should use SoundCloud as a metal fan.

You’re a Musician

If you are a musician yourself, or you simply enjoy jamming, SoundCloud is a great way to improve your instincts. One of the difficulties in starting your career as a solo musician or band is that you are constantly comparing yourself to the greats. It’s far more fruitful to compare yourself with your peers, gaining insight into the current state of metal as well as getting ideas of how to take the next step.

Furthermore, SoundCloud is the perfect place to find collaborators. Collaborations with other musicians or bands can be a lot of fun and will help you tap into your creative juices. It can also be a good way to reach each other’s fanbases, providing a wider audience for both your music and theirs.

Rap Metal is Getting Better

Rap and metal don’t always mix. While Rage Against The Machine are a great example of how well it can work, there are countless examples to counter them. However, rap metal is not what it once was because it no longer relies on metal vocalists who think they can just decide to start rapping.

On the contrary, rappers today are beginning to tap into their metal instincts. They are not using metal as a gimmick, but rather the genre through which they want to express themselves. Many SoundCloud rappers are great examples of this.

Take BILL $ABER, for example. His music is entirely based in metal, although he is more likely to be considered a rapper. He has had some success, with one song garnering over a million plays. But he is still very much a niche artist, releasing a lot of music that sounds the way he wants it to sound rather than the way a label would imagine could sell better.

There are many more like him, staying true to their metal instincts despite the fact that they are more likely to be successful as mainstream rappers.

This is why SoundCloud is such a good platform for finding new music. You’re not hearing what labels are touting, but rather the artists’ true expression. Give it a try if you haven’t already. It’s more fun than an algorithmic Spotify playlist.

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