Lacuna Coil’s Cristina Scabbia and Andrea Ferro on Direction of New Album: “We Like It as You Might Like a Horror Movie”


Lacuna Coil albums are an all-package deal for me. They’re hopeful, yet dark, and always deliver a symphonically fueled roller coaster of emotions. Feeling down? Cry to Lacuna Coil. Feeling happy? Jam out in the living room to Lacuna Coil.

In this week’s episode of The MetalSucks Podcast we sat down with the band’s two vocalists, Cristina Scabbia and Andrea Ferro, to talk about the concept behind their newest record, Black Anima. When asked whether the upcoming album maintains the same spirit of hope and darkness, here’s what the duo had to say:

Cristina: I think that there is always a little bit of hope. I mean, we are positive people but we’re well aware that life is not perfect. We just learn to accept the dark part of life and accept the fact that life is not always nice and there are a lot of things that might fuck you up for a period in your life but there is always a way to stand up again and look forward to good things. So I would say yeah, that sparkle of light is still present but the overall vibe is kinda dark just because we like it as you might like a horror movie. That’s the vibe that we wanted for this record. An intense vibe that would make you think.

Lyrically one of the most hopeful and positive tracks that I found when I got to listen to the record was “Apocalypse.” Can you tell me a little bit about that song?

Cristina: It’s kind of funny because our inspiration [for the track] was thinking about two people talking about their lives on their last day on earth. We thought about an apocalypse coming and two people that are just having a conversation and thinking back on their lives, knowing that the end is going to come but they’re okay with it because they know they gave everything they should in their own lives.

Andrea: There’s a double approach in the lyrics. One is more so trying to find consolation or help somewhere else while the other is more realistic about what’s going on and is more looking for a solution right here, right now, instead of creating some weird belief to try and escape reality.

I feel that the album does have a lot of those double approaches regarding the listener. Do you guys like to keep it that way with most lyrics that you do? Maybe if someone comes in with a solemn or sad mood they get one meaning and if they come in with a positive mood they get another meaning?

Cristina: I like it when listeners can apply whatever they want because of course we personally know as a band why we wrote this and why we wrote certain lyrics. But sometimes it’s kind of difficult to give a real explanation because it’s coming from inside, but I think it’s nicer if [listeners] can give their own interpretation and live the song as they view it.

Elsewhere in the episode we also discuss the band’s 20th anniversary, touring with Type O Negative back in the day, and a heap of other topics. Stream the podcast below.

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