Poll: How Would You Rate Slipknot’s New Album, We Are Not Your Kind?


Despite the fact that this website has turned into SlipknotSucks for the past six months, we have yet to publish an official review of We Are Not Your Kind as we normally do for big releases. The reasons for that are purely logistical, but rather than publish one now, after the fact, when everyone’s already heard the album and formed their own opinion, we figured we’d just ask you: how would YOU rate We Are Not Your Kind? Who cares what a couple of libtard jackasses from New York think anyway? It’s the fans’ opinions that matter most!

So, you tell us: on a scale of 1 to 10 — 1 being “it’s fucking awful, I can’t believe King Corey put his name on this crap” and 10 being “it’s the best thing since sliced tortillas” — how would you rate We Are Not Your Kind? Vote below, then explain yourself in the comments.

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