Video: John Travolta Tests His Knowledge of Limp Bizkit Lyrics


Holy shit u gyze: The Fanatic, the movie which will bring together the incredible talents of director Fred Durst, Academy Award nominee John Travolta, and ’90s teen heartthrob Devon Sawa, comes out NEXT WEEK. I haven’t been this excited to watch someone humiliate themselves since Vince Neil was on Skating with the Stars.

With the release looming, Travolta is now on the press circuit promoting the movie (as if everyone wasn’t going to see it anyway!). As part of said press circuit, Consequence of Sound decided to see if the Battlefield Earth star can identify Limp Bizkit songs based on their lyrics. And I gotta say… I’m pretty surprised by the results. Watch:

Jeezy creezy! I betcha didn’t think Travolta would be able to do it, let alone able to do it so easily. Do you think JT is a fan from way back? Did he own Chocolate Starfish back in the day? Or did he learn about the band only when contemplating working with Durst? Assuming it was the latter, I gotta say — I know Travolta seems like a crazy person who perpetually makes horrible career choices, but you can’t argue that the dude doesn’t suffer for his art.

The Fanatic will get a small theatrical release on August 30 before becoming available on the usual digital platforms on September 6.

[via The PRP]

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