Reader Mailbag: Why Do Some People Hate Tool So Much and Shout So Loudly About It?


We’ve all seen them, those people on your social network feeds that just looooooove talking about how much they hate Tool.

Hey, we get it: some Tool fans are insufferable. But there’s something about Tool, in particular, that brings certain folks out from the woodwork and forces them to proclaim loudly, and for all to see, that not only do they dislike Tool, but the band’s music is absolute garbage not worthy of anyone’s attention. “Overrated!” they say from their imaginary soapbox.

To that end, MetalSucks reader Dave M. — who admits he doesn’t even really like Tool himself! — sent us the following email asking why we think Tool draw so much ire:

“Hey MetalSucks people:

“I’ve noticed a loud subsection of people who ‘hate’ Tool. I’ve listened to some of the songs and I can’t figure out what these people find so offensive. Sure, I’m not into it either; I think it’s kind of boring. But there are clearly a lot of people with an irresistible urge to let everyone know how garbage they think this music is. Since it’s obviously a very performative gesture, I’d like to know: what are these people trying to prove, other than they aren’t into the band Tool?

“The above paragraph is something that I posted on today’s Tool/Burning Man post. What’s up with all these people who passionately hate Tool? It would be interesting if someone explored this phenomenon. Where is the line between not enjoying a band, and hating a band? There are plenty of bands I don’t like, but I don’t think I’ve ever felt hatred for those bands. Anyway, just a suggestion for a blog post that I’d like to read.


It’s a great question, Dave, and one that I don’t profess to know the answer to. But my best guess is this: people are conflating Tool with Tool fans, and as Tool fans have taken on the reputation of gloating endlessly about the band’s technical, artistic and live prowess, not only is hatred for Tool a direct contrarian reaction to that, but there’s no way any band’s music is going to ever live up to such hyperbolic claims no matter how amazing they are.

So, what do you think? Why all the venom for Tool? Tell us in the comments.

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