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Steel Panther Wrote a Song About God

  • Axl Rosenberg
Steel Panther Wrote a Song About God

“Sometimes it’s hard when all the girls wanna fuck you,” Michael Starr sings at the start of Steel Panther’s new single, “Gods of Pussy.” A problem with which surely rock stars and bloggers alike can relate. That’s what Steel Panther are all about, after all: relatability.

Kidding aside, the song is typically excellent. But because I can already hear whiney whinersons whining about the double standard of endorsing Steel Panther while questioning the ongoing viability of pornogrind, I’d like to point out that this is very clearly a satire of the entire glam metal ethos and the (oddly abundant for dudes who dress like ladies) machismo that goes hand-in-hand with that genre. Remember, the members of this band actively portray themselves as assholes and morons, when we know that they are neither. It’s very much a parody, and not at all the same thing as graphically describing murder and rape and positing those descriptions as jokes. So ppppffffftttt.

Listen to “Gods of Pussy” below! The band’s new album, Heavy Metal Rules, comes out September 27. Pre-order it here. Get all of the band’s upcoming tour dates here.

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