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Poll: How Would You Rate Tool’s New Album, Fear Inoculum?


August was a quite a month for metal releases, bringing with it the release of long-awaited new albums from two of the biggest bands in the biz, Slipknot and Tool.

Slipknot had the head start, and we decided to ask our readers how they would rate We Are Not Your Kind on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the highest. We recorded nearly 2,000 votes, and the most popular entry was an 8, indicating most folks who voted thought Slipknot’s latest was pretty damn good but perhaps not their best. Still, a lot of folks thought the album was perfect, giving it a 10, notching 130 fewer votes than 8, and about 30 folks less than that gave it a 9 ranking. Altogether, more than half of poll respondents ranked the album 8 or higher, a very solid fan reception for Slipknot!

Now we’re gonna do the same with Tool’s Fear Inoculum, arguably an even more eagerly anticipated release latest simply because of the seemingly endless 13-year wait fans had to endure for it to arrive. Fear Inocolum had a monstrous sales debut, more than doubling Slipknot’s tally without the aid of direct-to-fan sales or live ticket bundling, both tactics Slipknot employed.

But, when it comes to the music, how did it land with fans? Did Fear Inoculum deliver on the 13-year wait or did it fall short of expectations? Vote below!

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