Listen to Alice Cooper Talk on Wednesday 13’s Song “Necrophaze”


Why in the sweet mother of fuck would you recruit Alice Cooper to guest on your song but not to sing on that song??? That would be like getting Zakk Wylde to play triangle or Mario Duplantier to help with gang shouts… right?

And yet, this is what Wednesday 13 did for the title track from his new album, Necrophaze. Cooper recites poetry during the song’s intro, and then he says the name of the song a bunch during the chorus — again, doesn’t sing it, says it — and that’s it. (And honestly, he doesn’t even do a great job of doing that — it always sounds like he’s saying “Necroface”). It’s completely confounding. The only way it would be explainable is if Cooper, like, refused to sing on the track.

Necrophaze comes out September 27. Wednesday 13 is part of the forever-ongoing Static-X reunion tour; dates are here.

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