Listen: The Howard Stern Show‘s Brent Hatley Wrote a Metal Song About How Much He Hates Michael Rapaport

  • Axl Rosenberg

So I’m not really sure how the heck this started, but it would seem that The Howard Stern Show‘s Brent Hatley and the actor Michael Rapaport (Deep Blue Sea, Higher Learning, etc.) are currently engaged in an ongoing feud. Things escalated last week, with Hatley challenging Rapaport to a fight, and Rapaport subsequently firing back with a Beastie Boys-inspired diss track.

This, in turn, led to Hatley, who has been studying with famed metal vocal coach Melissa Cross, to write his own diss track, “Restraining Order,” with his band Death by Lightning. The title is a reference to a 1998 incident in which the courts ordered Rapaport to stay away form his ex-girlfriend, the actress Lili Taylor (The Conjuring), after he admitted to harassing her.

Hatley’s not a great singer — he’s never gonna be Rob Halford — but the track is pretty goddamn funny. Enjoy:

Thanks to our old pal Tommy Wee for the tip!

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