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The Ultimate Beer + Metal Book: Nothing But the Brewtal Truth


Readers of Decibel Magazine ought to be well familiar with Brewtal Truth, the monthly column in which Adem Tepedelen combined his love of extreme beer with extreme music long before it was cool to do so. Mr. Tepedelen penned the column for an entire decade, during which time it’s become commonplace for massive metal festivals and local shows alike to offer a wide variety of excellent craft beer choices. Remember when Shock Top qualified as the go-to “premium” beer at venues? It wasn’t that long ago! Call the man a psychic, a genius, or just a drunk — he probably won’t be offended — but he was ahead of his time.

Now, for the first time, all of the Brewtal Truth columns will be collected in one place, Nothing But the Brewtal Truth: The Complete Collection, and Adem is going the crowd-funding route via Inkshares. Help him reach his goal of 750 pre-orders by pledging to support one of three editions, ranging in price from just $10 for the e-book to a special $60 printed version with all sorts of perks. Along with Adem’s vigorous taste-testing and behind-the-scenes chats with countless brewers (Dogfish Head, Stone, Ninkasi, Jester King, TRVE, to name a few), the book features interviews with metal musicians (Amon Amarth, Clutch, Municipal Waste, Broken Hope, Trouble and more) and all the other beer and/or metal musings he included in ten years of the Brewtal Truth column.

So order your copy now, won’t you? Do it as a “thank you” to Adem that your local metal shithole has more than Bud Light, Miller Lite… and Shock Top (blech)… on tap for your drinking pleasure.

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