Video: The Village People Inspire Wall of Death, Circle Pit at Riot Fest


Are The Village People metal? I mean, I know their music isn’t metal, but are they metal? I would argue that they are. For one thing, they’ve always had the bravery to proudly be who they wanna be, and I’d argue there is nothing more metal than that. And for another thing, I’m pretty sure Manowar stole their look.

C’mon, they are about two seconds away from doing “YMCA.”

I ask this question because The Village People played Chicago’s Riot Fest last weekend — yup, The Village People are still around! — and their performances of their two signature songs, “YMCA” and “Macho Man,” inspired a wall of death and a circle pit, respectively. Oh, and some crowd surfing, too! Reader Chris D., who was at the show, says “it was a crazy positive pit,” which is certainly on-brand for this group.

Enjoy video below and remember how much fucking fun these people are having the next time you go see Longinquus Inlaetabilis or whatever other tr00 band and everyone in the crowd is standing around with their arms crossed:

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