“Dødskamp”: 1349 Mosh with Munch

  • Axl Rosenberg

I don’t know how we missed this news, given how unusual it is, but back in January, 1349 were commissioned by Innovation Norway, Visit Norway, and the Edvard Munch Museum to write a song based on a painting by the Norwegian artist. And while Munch’s most famous painting, 1893’s “The Scream,” would seem like the obvious choice for the basis of a metal song, 1349 actually went with 1915’s “Dødskamp” (“Death Struggle” or “Death Match,” depending on which translation you consult). Which is a really metal-sounding name, but the painting (above) isn’t a gruesome as what you might be envisioning… although the person closest to the wall might be wearing corpse paint… they had corpse paint in 1915, right?

ANYWAY, I mention it now because even the song came out in January, it’s also being included on 1349’s upcoming release, The Infernal Pathway, and there’s now an accompanying video, which was filmed at Germany’s Inferno Metal Fest earlier this year. So whether or not the song is new to you, you can, y’know, watch this and enjoy it.

Check out “Dødskamp” below. The band starts a U.S. tour in October. Get tickets here.

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