Alt Press Says These Are Top 10 Nu-Metal Songs That Still Hold Up Today

  • Axl Rosenberg

As you likely deduced from this post’s headline, Alt Press has shared their list of the Top 10 Nu-Metal Songs That Still Hold Up Today. You can head over there to read the explanations for their choices, or check out the raw list below.

Obviously, these lists are completely subjective, so it’s hard for me to say anything is “wrong.” I can only look at it and say, “Oh, their tastes do or do not align with my own.” These do not. Any list that so greatly values Limp Bizkit and Coal Chamber but has no room for System of a Down or Sevendust is…

…in my opinion.

Have at it, ye fiends:

10. Fear Factory – “Edgecrusher”

09. Slipknot – “Spit It Out”

08. Machine Head – “Crashing Around You”

07. Mushroomhead – “Sun Doesn’t Rise”

06. Soulfly – “Jumpdafuckup” (feat. Corey Taylor)

05. Deftones – “Headup”

04. Mudvayne – “Dig”

03. Korn – “Falling Away From Me”

02. Coal Chamber – “Fiend”

01. Limp Bizkit – “Break Stuff”

[via The PRP]

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