Cattle Decapitation “Bring Back the Plague” with New Song

  • Axl Rosenberg

For a masterclass in mixing subgenres, one need look no further than Cattle Decapitation. Few bands transition between styles as smoothly and, well, awesomely as this band does. Take, for example, the band’s new song, “Bring Back the Plague.” One second, it’s black metal that blasts the listener with the force of hurricane winds. Then it’s menacing, stalking death metal. And then all of a sudden it’s melodic and mournful. And then it cycles back. And none of the changes feel abrupt or out of place; it’s never one of those songs that sounds like it was actually three songs stitched together. It’s just pure awesome from start to finish. How can anyone not fucking love this band?

Check out “Being Back the Plague” below. It will appear on Cattle Decap’s new album, Death Atlas, which comes out November 29 (Black Friday!) on Metal Blade. Pre-order it here! The band launches a North American headline tour a week prior. Get dates and tickets here!!

Cattle Decapitation “Bring Back the Plague” with New Song

Thanks: Ranpal Decapitation

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