Watch Metallica Bassist Robert Trujillo’s Son Perform With Suicidal Tendencies

  • Axl Rosenberg

Remember a couple of years ago when Tye Trujillo, the then-12-year-old son of Metallica’s Robert Trujillo, actually toured with Korn as a temporary replacement for Fieldy? Well, young Tye, now 15, is back, and this time, not only did he get to play with a good band, but he got to continue a family tradition, too.

That tradition: playing bass for Suicidal Tendencies! Tye joined his old man’s former band during a recent SoCal show, as seen in a video the band shared on social media. That includes an unfortunate moment when frontman Mike Muir knocked Tye over after the young bassist leapt from the drum riser. Kid seems to have taken it like a champ, though.

Said Suicidal Tendencies of the event:

“Wow… It’s been 30 years since Robert Trujillo joined ST and did his firST shows with the band in Europe on tour with Anthrax.

“That firST show Robert came out like a beaST, going wild on ST all while slapping and bashing his bass with precision and a purpose. After the show, they were all “where did you find this guy?”.

“An amazing bass player, incredible person, and of course also co-founder of Infectious Grooves, that was the STart of a lot of great shows, moments, memories and helping take ST to another level!

“Flash forward to laST Saturday night in San Pedro at the SoCal Hoedown. HiSTory repeats itself as a young Trujillo STeps on STage and bashed around it like a true Cyco! ????

“Huge thanks to Tye Trujillo for filling in for Ra for this one show. For showing what a bad ass he already is on bass, and at juST 15 years old, has already accomplished a lot, but huge things are STill coming his way. His youthful enthusiasm was contagious, his bass skills undeniable.

“JuST like Robert and Chloe, we were all super proud of him and an absolute blaST to be able to share a STage with him.

“On a side note, we warned him, over and over ‘watch out for Ben, watch out for Ben!’. So firST song, ‘You can’t bring me down’, and guess what… It’s Cyco that knocks him over!

“Well as we always say, you get knocked down in life, you get back up… And not only did Tye get back up… But with a smile and didn’t miss a beat or a STep! There’s a lesson there… Be like Tye!

“Again huge thanks to the Trujillo family and all people that came out to the feSTival to support us.


See what they did there with the STs? That’s cute.

Watch the video below!

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