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Video: Guns N’ Roses Perform “Locomotive” for the First Time in 27 Years


Now that Guns N’ Roses are three years into their massive reunion tour, they’ve finally started to break out some deep cuts. Case in point: during their performance this past Monday, October 7 in Wichita, KS, the band played the Use Your Illusion II track “Locomotive” for the first time since 1992. Furthermore, the graphics playing behind the band while they performed the song include the lyrics; if they went to the trouble to make custom video for this track, it stands to reason they plan on playing it more regularly in the future.

Which is good news! In the opinion of this blogger whose very nom de plume is GN’R-inspired, “Locomotive” remains one of the band’s most underrated songs (full confession: it’s one of my go-to break-up songs). So I’m jealous that the people of Wichita got to see it played live, whereas I have sat through the band’s cover of “The Seeker” five times. Which is fine. It’s the only reason to be jealous of the people of Wichita. Trust me. I’ve spent time with them. Shiver.

Watch the video below. Guns N’ Roses have live shows scheduled throughout the month; get dates and tickets here!

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