Enlarge Photo Credit: Tementiy Pronov

Jinjer are Blowing Up! Here’s Their New Single/Video, “On the Top”


Last week I learned that Jinjer are Really Fucking Popular! Like BLOWING UP. I’d had a hint of it already just from seeing the reactions to pieces we’d posted here about the band. But I went to see Jinjer live when they rolled through NYC last week… and daaaaaaamn!

I am not exaggerating even a little when I say that there was a long line — 10-15 people minimum — for merch the entire evening, starting hours before Jinjer went on stage and continuing well after they finished. After the show, the line for the VIP meet and greet extended from the Gramercy Theater’s downstairs merch area / bar all the way upstairs, nearly to the venue door. The show was sold out and no one left early. It was bananas.

The band killed live, too, of course. But that’s a given. What I’m saying is this: Jinjer are about to become huge. A year or two from now they’ll be headlining big tours everywhere. By the time their next album comes out, three years down the line or so, they’ll be in metal’s upper echelon. Calling it now.

Anyhoo, here’s their new single “On the Top” — the lyrics of which tackle a topic very relevant to this post — together with a creepy video that gives the old abandoned warehouse trope new life. It follows “Perennial” from Jinjer’s forthcoming album Macro, due out October 25 via Napalm Records.

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