Kirk Hammett Says These Are the Underrated Horror Movies You Should Watch This Halloween

  • Axl Rosenberg

Like so many metalheads, Kirk Hammett is a passionate horror aficionado. So I was more than a little curious to read this list he just made for Metal Hammer of ten underrated horror movies to watch this spooky season.

And it’s a solid list, save for one thing, which is that most of these movies are about as underrated as Metallica. I mean, Repulsion is a fucking classic that they show in film schools and psychology programs. A Quiet Place made $340 million worldwide and has a sequel in production. The Witch has a 90% positive critics’ score on Rotten Tomatoes. Re-Animator?! Jesus fucking Christ, what horror fan worth their salt doesn’t know and love fucking Re-Animator?!?!?!

Other than that, though, good list. I mean, there are nits to be picked (Tusk, ugh), but the mere fact that he recommends John Carpenter’s In the Mouth of Madness despite that movie containing a total rip-off of “Enter Sandman” is reason enough to check it out.

You can peep the whole list below. Go here to read Kirk’s explanations for his selections.

  • Repulsion
  • In the Mouth of Madness
  • Ghost Story
  • A Quiet Place
  • Tusk
  • The Witch
  • The Ritual
  • The Evil Within
  • Re-Animator
  • The Love Witch
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