Soilwork Announce New EP, Release New Song


It’s kind of a bittersweet week for every gardener’s favorite Swedish melodeath band, Soilwork. On the one hand, the group has been forced to cancel an upcoming show in Singapore because frontman Björn “Speed” Strid “recently underwent major surgery for varicose veins in his left leg”… which would stink under the best of circumstances, but this show was already in danger of being called off because of potential objections to the band’s allegedly-Satanic leanings. So I’m sure Soilwork wanted nothing more than to show up in Singapore and play a kick-ass concert, and that having to back out of the performance stings even worse than it normally would.

That’s obviously the bitter. The sweet is that the band has announced a new EP, The Feverish Trinity:

“We have all been feverish. We have all sometimes given in to the temperature rising inside of us, being ridden by a ghost that made us do things we didn’t want to do, but it somehow felt good afterwards, like a purging of the mortal organism that confines us.

“Soilwork will be releasing ‘The Feverish Trinity’ over the next five months, a trilogy of songs with accompanying videos that will celebrate the Babylonian Death Goddesses that once made the world a more Feverish and exciting place.”

Funny, I was just saying the Babylonian Death Goddesses do not get the recognition they deserve. Great minds…

ANYWAY, the first single/ celebration of Babylonian Death Goddesses is at the top of this post, in case you somehow missed that; below, you can also stream a version of the song “x,” from this year’s Verkligheten, that features Arch Enemy’s Alissa White-Gluz on vocals. It was previously available only on the iTunes bonus version of Verkligheten.

[via Metal Injection]

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