South African Black Metal Band Constellatia Gear Up For Debut Album Launch


You would not imagine that Cape Town, South Africa, with all its sunshine, beaches, and tourist acclaimed glory, would produce something as grotesque and gloomy as black metal, but Constellatia are here to smash all of those pre-conceived notions with their upcoming debut album, The Language of Limbs.

Constellatia were born from members of Wildernessking and Crow Black Sky and sculpted to appeal to fans of Dimmu Borgir and Fleshgod Apocalypse by following their lead in merging black metal with elements from other metal genres. It’s not the raw, overly distorted black metal of the ’90s, but something a lot more tranquil and clean while showcasing a more beautiful sounding kind of anger. Not to say that it’s lacking when it comes to heaviness — the songs have some aggressively energetic elements and they are headbangable as hell — but there are also a few calmer pieces in between, building a nice balance between tension and release. The vocal style ranges from guttural to more distinguished shouts, featuring a female vocalist here and there to add a layer of feminine mystery.

Listen to “All Nights Belong To You” below. The Language of Limbs comes out on November 15 via Isolation Records; pre-order it here.

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