Hunter Hunt-Hendrix (Liturgy) Premieres New Song “Apparition of the Eternal Church”


2020 looks to be a big year for Liturgy and their not-even-remotely-controversial, universally-beloved frontman, Hunter Hunt-Hendrix — for they shall offer up not one, but two new records to the adoring masses.

First up, from Liturgy: a new studio album called HAQQ, which, knowing Hunter, is most likely a reference to reality show stars Khadijah and Malika Haqq (“haqq” is also the Ottoman word for “truth,” but I can’t imagine that’s what H³ is referring to). That will include “God of Love,” the song we first heard back in September.

On top of that, Triple H will release the soundtrack to Origin of the Alimonies, the “black metal/trap video opera” that debuted last year. That album “features Liturgy along with musicians Nate Wooley, Eve Essex, Josh Modney, Carrie Frey, Caleigh Drane, James Ilgenfritz, Marilu Donovan, and Eric Wubbels.” The newly-released debut single from that release, “Apparition of the Eternal Church,” is certainly quite Liturgy-y, save for the fact that it’s instrumental. Obviously, personal taste will dictate whether that makes you appreciate it more or less than you do “pure” Liturgy.

You can listen to “Apparition” below. The press release doesn’t actually say when Origin of the Alimonies will be released, but I assume it’s either in December or 2020 (boy, that really narrows it down, huh?). But there will be a performance of the opera at REDCAT in Los Angeles on November 16 if you’re interested.

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