Listen to Maynard James Keenan from Tool’s First Band in 1986


If you’ve ever read A Perfect Union of Contrary Things, the authorized biography of Tool/ A Perfect Circle/ Puscifer singer Maynard James Keenan, then the named TexA.N.S. may sound familiar. The band, whose name stands for “Tex and the Anti Nazi Squad,” was Maynard’s first, years and years before Tool came into existence. Maynard began as the bass player for TexA.N.S. before stepping up to fill the lead vocal position, too.

Now the dude who was the keyboardist in TexA.N.S., Mike Meeng, has shared multiple recordings of that band. One, “Tweeked & In God We Trust,” was recorded live in February of 1986, and features Maynard on bass but not vocals; the other, “Who Leads You,” includes was is unmistakably the voice of a young MJK. You can check out both recordings, as well as some explanation from Meeng and some fun photos, below. Unsurprisingly, it is nowhere near the level of quality to which Maynard would eventually rise… but it’s still a fascinating look into the early days of one of rock’s most revered frontmen.

Meanwhile, Tool are on tour now! Get dates and tickets here.

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