Shit That Comes Out Today: November 15, 2019

  • Jeff Treppel

It’s Friday, which means it’s new metal day! I haven’t been fired from this column yet. So, look forward to my usual idiosyncratic recommendations as well as things people actually want to hear about.

Shit That Comes Out Today: November 15, 2019

Abigail Williams
Walk Beyond the Dark (Blood Music)
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Abigail Williams have come a long way — from a “black metal band with a lady keyboardist” act to one of the finer practitioners of black metal in the continental United States. Sorceron’s emotive approach to the genre helps them stand out and keeps things engaging. Join Abby for a stroll.

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Shit That Comes Out Today: November 15, 2019

Despised Icon

I’ll be honest with you guys: I get off the boat here after the lovely acoustic intro track. Still, Despised Icon are one of the foundational deathcore acts, and they deserve credit for helping invent the genre (even if it’s not my thing). Their sixth full-length contains all the breakdowns and pig squeals one could possibly want. They also bring some welcome Quebecois technicality to the proceedings, helping differentiate them from the pack. MOSH.

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Shit That Comes Out Today: November 15, 2019


I’m familiar with both the avant-garde/modernist and black metal movements Hunter Hunt-Hendrix draws from for this, but I’m not sure he melds them here successfully. I found his previous efforts to be an intriguing recontextualisation of black metal orthodoxy. For Haelegen above Quality and Quantity, Hunt-Hendrix brings in musicians from all sorts of disciplines to complement his discordant compositions with unique instrumentation ranging from glockenspiels to a ryuteki, plus elements from glitch just in case you get bored. You won’t get bored. You might, however, get irritated by the resulting cacophony.

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Shit That Comes Out Today: November 15, 2019

The Doomed City (Self-Released)

Death metal tends to stick to the same subjects (zombies, hating Jesus, zombies). Necropanther break the mold with The Doomed City, a concept record about 1960s sci-fi novel Logan’s Run and its 1976 film adaptation. Frankly, I can’t understand the vocals here (either the belching ones or the shrieking ones), so the concept is lost on me. However, I recognize sweet riffs when I hear them. Armed with melodic shred reminiscent of Arch Enemy or Jester Race-era In Flames, Necropanther unveil the true horror behind Renewal. You won’t regret getting on their Carousel.

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Shit That Comes Out Today: November 15, 2019

The Night Watch
An Embarrassment of Riches (Self-Released)

Nautical-themed instrumental soundtrack metal with the violin as the main instrument? Sure, why not. The Night Watch, based out of Denver, take a different approach to progressive metal with their third full-length. The word “eclectic” gets thrown around a lot. It fits here. If you have the patience to absorb the full 72 minutes, though, you’ll be rewarded with some cinematic vistas as beautiful and foreboding as the cover art.

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Shit That Comes Out Today: November 15, 2019

Alive & Dead at Södra Teatern (Metal Blade)

With only four full-lengths, can Tribulation really justify a live double-album? Hell yeah they can. The Swedish dark metal act has amassed more classics in its first decade of existence than most bands manage in four times that amount. Over the course of 100 minutes, they assert their supremacy with psychedelic solos and high-energy interpretations of songs from Children of the Night and Down Below. Highly recommended for both fans looking for new takes on favorite tunes and new listeners looking for a good overview.


Cyhra – No Halos In Hell (Nuclear Blast) Listen
The Deathtrip – Demon Solar Totem (Svart/Profound Lore) Listen
Denner’s Inferno – In Amber (Mighty) Listen
Fake Figures – We Are The Dead EP (War Against) Listen
Leah – Ancient Winter (Ex Cathedra) Listen
Meshiaak – Misery (Mascot) Listen
The Pineapple Thief – Hold Our Fire (Kscope) Listen
Ragnarok – Non Debellicata (Agonia) Listen
Raised Fist – Anthems (Epitaph) Listen
Suidakra – Echoes Of Yore (MDD) Listen
The Three Tremors – The Three Tremors: The Solo Versions (Steel Cartel) Listen
Warsenal – Feast Your Eyes (Svart) Listen


Anacrusis – Manic Impressions (Reissue) (Metal Blade) Listen
Anacrusis – Screams and Whispers (Reissue) (Metal Blade) Listen

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