Psychostick Take on Coal Chamber’s “Loco” With “Mi Queso”


How do you ridicule something that’s already completely ridiculous? Coal Chamber’s “Loco” may have been a hit, but it was, is, and shall forever be a punchline, too. In the category of Abominable Nu-Metal Songs, it’s right up there with “Nookie” and “Bodies” and either of the “Boom”s (Saliva or P.O.D.).

And this is my issue with Psychostick’s “Mi Queso,” which parodies “Loco.” Okay, so lyrics about cheese are marginally less stupid than… uh… whatever the fuck “Loco” is about (I mean, presumably it’s about going crazy, but the lyrics are sheer nonsense). But the lyrics are the only thing they changed about the track. And while the lyrics are part of why “Loco” sucks, the tune was never just one poetry sesh away from being good.

In other words, the Psychostick parody is kinda funny, but it’s mostly still irritating.

Watch the video below and see what you think. Some of you will agree with me, while others will be wrong.

[via The PRP]

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