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Michael Jackson’s Daughter Paris Skipped Prom to See a Metallica Show


Vogue recently put out a video documenting Michael Jackson’s offspring, Prince and Paris, getting ready for the “60 Years of Motown” event held in Beverly Hills, CA earlier this month. Blah blah blah, unimportant details would usually go here… but hey it turns out Paris is a metalhead!

After egging on her brother to get into “all the rock ‘n’ roll bands that I love” and making fun of him for not understanding her musical tastes (“I know you weren’t a huge fan when I was going through my insane phase”), the two connect on Mötley Crüe — who have enjoyed a resurgence as the result of the release of their biopic, The Dirt, earlier this year, and recently announced a 2020 reunion tour — and Paris offers to send Prince some of her playlists.

Later, while trying on a formal dress that she reveals would’ve been her ideal prom attire, Paris says “I never actually went to prom. I skipped it to go see Metallica, so this feels nice.” Which is pretty badass. I’d certainly have had a better time at a Metallica show than I did at my senior prom.

I just spent way too much time on Setlist.fm trying to figure out which Metallica show Paris saw instead of attending her prom, but I can’t quite zero in on it. Paris is currently 21, meaning if she was 18 when she graduated high school she would have done so in 2016. The only show around prom time (spring) Metallica performed in California that year took place at Rasputin Music in Berekely, CA on April 16, which would’ve been quite a shlep for her coming from Los Angeles. Metallica were elsewhere in the U.S. in the spring of 2017, but played Rock in Rio USA in Las Vegas on May 9, 2015… maybe that’s the one? Junior prom, perhaps? Unless she traveled far to see the band, which is certainly possible, money being no object and all.

There’s also this: Paris made a cameo in a Steel Panther video a few years back.

Anyway: Paris Jackson, metalhead. Get used to it. Sorry if this makes you angry.

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