Marilyn Manson Releases Cover of “The End” by The Doors


This year marks the fortieth anniversary of Apocalypse Now. Appropriately, the movie got its umpteenth re-release, this one of director Francis Ford Coppola’s third edit of the movie, which is longer than the original version but shorter than the one they released in 2001.

ANYWAY, I rambling about this because Marilyn Manson and Shooter Jennings just released a cover The Doors’ “The End” for that upcoming TV adaptation of Stephen King’s The Stand, in which Manson is slated to appear (although we still dunno who he’s playing). But I assume the idea originated when Manson, like a lot of us, watched this latest version of Apocalypse Now. (I should not have to tell you what “The End” has to do Apocalypse Now. If you’ve never seen Apocalypse Now, take some time to seriously reconsider how you’re using your life. Also stop reading this and go watch Apocalypse Now.) I mean maybe it’s just a coincidence that Manson decided to cover the song just months after the Apocalypse Now re-release but c’mon no it isn’t. There are plenty of Doors songs Manson could have covered, at least one of which so readily lends itself to his image you’d think Jim Morrison wrote the lyrics for the shock rocker.

ANY-ANYWAY, Manson’s version of “The End” is… fine? (Prong still hold the Best Metal Cover of the Doors championship title.) He takes enough steps to make it his own that it doesn’t feel like a completely meaningless endeavor. Also no one will ever sound as intensely creepy talking about their “snake” as Manson does. Also also no one will ever sound as intensely creepy with using a vocoder as Manson does. I’m saying Manson is a creepy creeperson.

Listen to Manson’s The Door’s “The End” below. Mr. Manson will be opening all of Ozzy Osbourne’s U.S. shows in the summer of 2020. Get dates and tickets here.

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