“Bråtebrann”: Kvelertak’s New Song Will Set Your Wood on Fire

  • Axl Rosenberg

The title of Kvelertak’s new song, “Bråtebrann,” is Norwegian for “Lumber Fire.” And there are, indeed, all kinds of “It gave me wood” / “It set fire to my tree” / etc. jokes to be made. I’m saying it kicks all kinds of ass. It’s got that kvlassic Kvelertak mix of hardcore, classic rock, and NWOBHM. The verses are vulturine, the choruses are hippy-dippy, and the guitars… oh, those splendid guitars! I don’t want to be crude, so let me just say that I had to change my underwear after the guitar solo (right before which someone — presumably new vocalist Ivar Nikolaisen — snarls “Air guitar! C’mon!”, which is just, like, hilarious and awesome).

The track is the lead single from Splid (Norwegian for Discord), which will be the band’s first album with Nikolaisen, first album with new label Rise Records, third album with über-producer Kurt Ballou, and fourth album overall. While it remains to be seen whether or not Kvelertak can ever top the momentous majestic magnificence that was their eponymous 2010 debut, they are definitely off to a great start here.

Here’s the cover art for Splid, which makes me glad I’m eating turkey tomorrow…

“Bråtebrann”: Kvelertak’s New Song Will Set Your Wood on Fire

…and here’s “Bråtebrann,” which you should listen to at the loudest possible volume:

Splid will be out February 14! Pre-order it here.

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